8 – 15 October 2016




Since its establishment on 1954, the Chamber of Architects performs a dense study regarding the development of the architectural culture, preservation of historical heritage and the improvement of the quality of life. For the purpose of adding a new dimension to these efforts, since 2007, it is launching an organization titled “İstanbul International Architecture and Urban Films Festival”. This organization is planned to ensure the participation of all sectors who are interested in this area, particularly the architects.


This festival is programmed within the scope of the “Architecture and Urban Festival”, that is realized by the Istanbul Branch of the Istanbul Chamber of Architects on the occasion of the “World Day of Architecture” The World Day of Architecture is massively celebrated in the world on the first Monday of the month of October.
An international competition shall be organized within the scope of the “İstanbul International Architecture and Urban Films Festival” and prizes shall be given. This festival aims to support the films developed on the theme of “architecture and urbanization”, to encourage new films and to ensure that the successful films meet with the audience.


The scope of the festival covers the films made in the type of documentary and animation. The films that have participated in the festival from Turkey and abroad, and who have been successful in the preliminary elimination, are shown to the audience and a competition is applied among those films. Furthermore, in order to encourage exchange of ideas among the participants, various conversations and activities might also be organized.





1. The films made in the fields of documentaries and animation, regarding the themes of architecture and urbanization, made during the last 5 years, may apply for the competition. The films should not have participated before in this festival.

2. The duration of the films to be accepted in the competition is limited to 60 minutes

3. a) The films to participate in the competition in languages other than English, should contain subtitles in English..

    b) The films participating from Turkey in languages other than Turkish, shall contain subtitles in Turkish and English.

    c) The films participating from Turkey, in Turkish language, shall contain subtitles in English language.

4. Whatever the original format, the films shall be presented to the organization committee in the formats of (MPEG2, MP4 or H.264), recorded on DVD, SD MEMORY CARD or USB FLASH DRIVE. Moreover the films may also be sent through the internet, on data transfer programs (Vimeo, We transfer, dropbox etc.).

The application form should be procured from the address of www.archfilmfest.org, and together with the other documents, they should be sent to the address of archfilmfest@archfilmfest.org   The director will be informed on the situation if any technical problems occur during the preliminary viewing of the film. In such cases, the director shall be obliged to send a new copy within no later than 48 hours, Otherwise; the film shall be eliminated from the competition.
5. The contestants are required to send the following items to the Organization Committee together with the film copies;
a) Competition application form,
b) 2 photographs from the film,
c) 1 photograph of the director,
d) The biographies of the directors participating from Turkey in Turkish and English, and of the directors participating from abroad, in English (in not more than 50 words)

   e) A short story of the film (in not more than 50 words)

   f) The Organization Committee retains the right to eliminate the films submitted with incomplete conditions regarding application, from the competition.

6. The contestants may join the competition with more than one film,.

7. Moreover, provided that they are relevant to the theme, documentaries and animation films shot more than 5 years ago, may be sent to the competition exclusively for purposes of showing. If approved by the Organization Committee such films may be included within the scope of the films shown.

8. The Festival Organization Committee may include all or a part of the films who have passed the preliminary screening into the festival program. These films are evaluated by the jury, and those films that are designated may be entitled to awards.

The films that are included into screening program and that are sent from abroad, will be awarded   just for once, with net 100 US dollars excluding taxes and expenses; and films that are sent within Turkey will be awarded just for once, with 250 Turkish Lira for showing.

9. The films that pass the elimination, are retained in the festival archives, the directors of these films are notified, and such films may participate in non-commercial shows. In provinces that have the branches or units of the Chamber of Architects, such films may be totally included in the show programs, for educational purposes or free of commercial purposes. The directors and the producers of the films are deemed to accept this condition from the outset.

10. Announcement of the competition: 5 April 2016
11. Last date for application: 22 August 2016

The deadline for the cargo transport of the films that are delivered through Cargo: 19 August 2016

12. The Jury evaluation calendar: 2-3-4 September 2016

13. The announcement of the results: For the films that will be shown: 9 September 2016, for the films that have won the elimination, at the awarding ceremony to be held on 15 October 2016.
14. The claims for copyrights during the screening of the films will be under the responsibility of the owner of the work..
15. If conditions require, the Organization committee may amend the names of the Selecting Committee, and may determine a preliminary jury.
16. Unless a decision to the contrary is passed by the producer and the director, the films that do not pass the elimination, is considered to be transferred to the archive for the films that are included in the competition. Such films may be shown to the public in the next festival, in out of the festival category, and/or in other non-commercial film shows against a certain fee, by obtaining the consent of the director or the producer.


17. Awards :

The films sent from within and outside Turkey are appraised together.
Each Documentary and animation film is offered for competition in its own type.


First: Award Plaque

Second: Award Plaque

Third Award: Award Plaque

People’s Jury Award Plaque
18. If the director of the film is present in the movie during screening, a chance for the interview between the director and the audience is provided..

19. The members of the Board of Directors of the TMMOB Chamber of Architects İstanbul Branch, its employees, the members of the selection committee, the members of the partners of the work/project, etc. to which the members of the selection committee act as consultants, and their 1st degree relatives cannot join the competition.

20. The verdict of the Selection Committee is final. The resolutions are passed through the majority of votes.
21. People’s Jury: The films selected for show by the selection committee are separately presented to the appraisal of the people’s jury. Every person who has watched the shows is a natural member of the people’s jury. The film that has been appraised by the people’s jury and which has obtained the highest number of votes, becomes entitled to obtain the people’s jury award.
Selection Committee for the Competition Board:

Süheyla Acar (Screen writer – Author)

Behiç Ak (Architect-Artist)

İsmail Doğanyılmaz (Architect)

Yasemin Civelek Dura (Architect-Artist)

Hilmi Etikan (Documentary Film Director-İstanbul Short Film Festival Director)

Mehmet Emrah Erkanı (Director)

Beste Bereket (Artist)

Esin Köymen (Architect)

Fikret Terzi (Director – Author)

Zeynep Ünal (Boğaziçi University MAFM Director)


Organizing Committee:

Sami Yılmaztürk (Chamber of Architects Branch Board Chairman – Festival Organization Secretary)

Ali Hacıalioğlu (Chamber of Architects İstanbul Branch Board Secretary)

Hilmi Etikan (Documentary Film Director -İstanbul Short Film Festival Manager)

İsmail Doğanyılmaz (Architect)

Esin Köymen (Architect)

Merve Şen (Architect)

Zeynep Ünal (Boğaziçi University MAFM Director)

Selma Erdem (Festival Coordination Secretary)



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