I asked 8 teenaged couples to share a kiss on camera to attempt to capture the essence of teenaged romance. This is what I captured…
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Special thanks to:

Maria & Scott
Halle & Misha
Catherine & Sarah
Kate & Alex
Piper & Julius
Hannah & Chris
Xanath & Adam
and Meghan

Thanks to everyone who helped out and let me film them. It was a pleasure to exploit your affection.


Oh, it’s kind of hard to hold inside
The universe that you provide
It’s given me a place to hide
And I hear your name is ringing in my ear
Constantly I feel you there
Like a heartbeat, don’t you go

And I tell my heart to take the reins
Cause my brain is driving me insane
It’s always filling all my mental space

Alone, I am never on my own
Cause I know that you have gone
To live inside my heart
Complete, with you I am complete
I have found my own two feet
With our hearts among the stars

And I tell my brain to slow it down
Cause my heart has got it from now on
The stars up there have our name in lights

That smile, that you have before we kiss
I will add it to my list
Of the things of you I love
I wish that I loved myself as much
As I love to feel your touch
Forever starts right now

And my heart is beating way too fast
But my brain is shutting up at last
A kind of quiet I don’t seem to mind

It’s time to fly, don’t leave me behind
Cause my wings are made of you
I try to get you out of me
But you are in too deep