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Making of Rabbit and Deer (Nyuszi és Őz) 720p

Rabbit and Deer is my MA graduation film from MOME Anim in Budapest. It has won over 125 awards after beening screened in 63 countries at more than 300 festivals. Read about the making [...]

Haziran 6th, 2017|Animasyon, Hd Kısa Filmler, Ödüllü, Yabancı Kısa Filmler|

CONTACT (2015 Thriller Short Film) [HD, 720p]

A boy finds a radio that leads him into a Thrilling adventure! Directed by: Rasmus Björk Starring: Justin Stuart & Andrew Scites ----------------------------------------­­­­­­­­­--------------------------------­-­-­-­-­-­- We hope you guys like our very first short film, let us [...]

Mart 7th, 2016|Gerilim, Hd Kısa Filmler, Yabancı Kısa Filmler|

EXIT PLAN – Directed by Richard Oakes [HD, 720p]

A Sci-Fi Short Film HD EXIT PLAN - Directed by Richard Oakes [HD, 720p] Enjoy this independent futuristic Sci-Fi short film project by Director Richard Oakes of Dark Fable Media. After the golden age of [...]

KORTEX – by Robin Disch [HD, 720p]

A Sci-Fi Short Film HD KORTEX - by Robin Disch [HD, 720p] Check out this Indie Sci-Fi short film about a post apocalyptic world by the talented Robin Disch and team at Old Camp. For [...]

SHOPAHOLIC (Thai short film by Ice Preechaya) [HD, 720p]

A very short film for 5 important virtues in the society starring Ice Preechaya Pongthananikorn. The story tells about Ice, playing as a shopaholic or a shopper girl. When she was about to leave the [...]

Şubat 16th, 2016|Asya Yapımı Kısafilm, Hd Kısa Filmler, Yabancı Kısa Filmler|

The Wish Short Film Kore Pocket Films [HD, 720p]

Boro Asa Kore' or 'The Wish' is the story of a street dweller who resides in the busy streets of Kolkata. The story revolves around his daily life and his simple wish to have 'good [...]

Fall In Love [HD, 720p]

A Funny Yet Romantic Story When a Matchmaker Fall In Love. [FULL HD] [HD, 720p] Having a hard time saying it out? "Unspoken Heart" A song by "Status Single" Mono Music. Thailand

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