A Twilight Zone-inspired cautionary tale about a young mother forced to come face-to-face with her deepest desire.
Psychological thriller starring Austin Highsmith, Nolan Gross, Noah Swindle, Jake Muxworthy, Carter Jenkins, Virginia Tucker, + Ron Harper

Directed by Emily Moss Wilson Written by Emily Moss Wilson + Larry Soileau Produced by Greg Wilson + Benjamin Grayson © 2014 Paper Crane Productions
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Website: http://www.papercrane-productions.com KEY CREW:
Executive Producers: Angelo Restaino, Ryan Cheevers, Hugo Perez, David M. Moss, Charlotte Moss
Co-Producer: John Bucher Director of Photography: Jeff Webster Production Design by Brittany Bradford Edited by Chris Witt
Music by Joseph Trapanese + Jason Lazarus Songs: “Waiting for Ms. Elusive”
Written and Performed by Heath Allyn “Trouble” Written and Performed by Mike Cionni For more,
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