Ralph Future Shorts

Alex Winckler, who studied film at Columbia University, New York, went on to direct for British teen soap opera, Hollyoakes after being nominated for a BAFTA with Ralph. Ralph was his graduation film and tells the story of a teenage boy (Ralph) who arrives in France to meet the French girl he met in England. [...]

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My Wrongs 8245-8249 & 117 by Chris Morris

Chris Morris is best known for his often highly amusing TV spoofs The Day Today and Brass Eye but ventured into short filmmaking with My Wrongs # 8245 - 8249 & 11 starring Paddy Considine. More recently he has made Brit comedy Four Lions and, as with his other works, My Wrongs # 8245 - [...]

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Antonio's Breakfast follows a night in the life of a mixed race teenager who tries to keep up his street cred while looking after his father, who is on a ventilator. It's a little esoteric but very British in its realism and won Mulloy several awards. Mulloy studied at the Slade School of Fine Art [...]

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Another departure from the norm, About A Girl, written by Julie Rutterford, won at Edinburgh and Raindance too. We watch and listen to a fast-talking girl as she delivers an apparently disjointed narration. We see snippets of her disfunctional life as she strides along the canal before finally seeing her reason for being there - [...]

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Simon Ellis won the International Short Filmmaking Award at Sundance and was nominated for a BAFTA in 2008 with his great short film, Soft. It is the gritty story of a son and father tormented by a gang of 'happy-slapping' youths, but with neither apparently being brave enough to fight back. Simon Ellis went on [...]

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Room 8, by James W Griffiths, made through the Bombay Saphire Imagination Series, won the 2014 BAFTA despite appearing to take a lot from the Oscar-nominated animation Delivery by German filmmaker Till Nowak. However, it is still a beautifully made and mind-bending short film in its own right (if you overlook the deja vu). An [...]

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TWO & TWO – BABAK ANVARI (2011) Eng sub.

Made in England but set in an Iranian school, Two & Two is an allegorical tale about a teacher telling his class of young boys that what they thought was the sum of 2 + 2 is wrong. With a writing credit for Gavin Cullen and its director, there are obvious similarities to George Orwell's [...]

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