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Argentine Tangos by Guy Thys [HD, 720p]

Usually known by its original Dutch title, Tanghi Argentini, Argentine Tangos is a beautiful Christmas short film from Belgian filmmaker Guy Thys. It was nominated for the Best Short Oscar as well as winning the Best Foreign Short at the LA Shorts Fest. Full of the Christmas spirit, Argentine Tangos follows a middle-aged office-worker trying [...]

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Valse by Chris Keller (2013)

Written and directed by Chris Keller, Valse was judged the overall winner in the 8th FILMSshort competition, nudging the beautifully made drama Friday Tigers into second place. Valse is an unusual love story starring two snails. Can these romantic molluscs find love in our human dominated world? Keller, a compositor at one of London's leading [...]

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The Last 3 Minutes [HD, 720p]

Written and directed by the FILMSshort competition judge Po Chan, The Last 3 Minutes is an unashamedly tear-jerking flashback through a dying man's life. Every shot is lovingly crafted and there are some beautiful American landscapes - as one might expect from an American DoP! Shot in 2010, Chan also shows the possibilities of the [...]

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Dji. Death Fails by Dmitri Voloshin (2013)

  Dji. Death Fails by Dmitri Voloshin (2013) (Moldova) The amazingly high quality  the comic animation Dji. Death Fails is as good as Pixar. It was created by the Moldovan studio Simpals. Dji is an unusual manifestation of Death, who does not seem terribly good at his job and suffers from bad luck. All he [...]

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High Maintenance by Philip Van (2006)

High Maintenance was written by Scot Simon Biggs and directed by American Philip Van, but produced in Germany. Van says, 'I aimed to make a film about the future but emblematic of our era' and thus we find an attractive middle-class couple at dinner, but with the woman failing to get the romantic responses she [...]

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